Gold CoinsFrom Quarters to Krugerrands and Sovereigns to Dimes, most of the value in your coin collection comes from its precious-metal content. With today’s record-high prices, many common coins with precious-metal content can be worth up to 30 times their face value!

What You Should Know

Gold coins are among the most sought-after of all coins, and Canada Gold is pleased to offer the top market price for them, including Gold Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Sovereigns and many more. Make sure to do your research before parting ways with these valuable items. Visit Canada Gold, the country’s highest-paying and most-trusted precious-metals dealer before you sell your gold coins.

Coin Buy Price
Canada 1 ounce (9999) Maple Leaf Coins 1700.65
Canada 1 ounce (999) Maple Leaf Coins 1671.65
Canada Maple leaf, less than 1 ounce 54.68
Canada $100 1976 (22kt) 771.46
Canada $100 1976 (14kt) 385.73
Canada $100 1977-1986 771.46
Canada $100 1987-2010 385.73
China Panda (1 ounce) 1645.79
Mexico 50 pesos 1860.31
USA Gold Eagle (1 ounce) 1542.93
South Africa Krugerrand (1 ounce) 1542.93
Sovereign 363.20
Other Recognized 999 Coins and Bars 54.02
Other Gold coins less than 24kt 49.61/g of pure gold content

Prices Updated: 2017-04-26, 05:49:47 AM

* In office payouts.