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Buying a piece of jewelry or a countless number of it is one of the people’s ways to make their selves and other people happy. They pay a good amount of money for different kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings not only for themselves but also for the people they love and wish to give these items to. One of the most selling jewels that people buy is diamond. This is because of its unique characteristic as a perfect stone. Among its buyers is Edmonton Gold.

Where to Sell Your Diamond

If you are looking for a friendly and a generous buyer of your jewels like your diamonds, golds, and silvers, then consider selling them to a diamond buyer in Edmonton. We have a company that is BBB accredited for having a safe and protected environment. At Edmonton Gold, we price appropriately as what the reflection of the jewel shows. We deal with the provision of delivering the highest level of service to sellers like you who deserve it. We also provide excellence as part of our commitment to the business industry.

How Do We Know the Worth of your Jewels?

Buyers tend to look at the hidden value of an object just like how diamond buyer in Edmonton sees the real value of a piece of jewel it is paying money for. We classify your items according to karat. We test their wholesomeness as well as determine how they weigh. Your items’ colors, value and clarity are also identified and evaluated. By having us assess your items thoroughly before having it sold to us, you will know how the price being offered to you is calculated. This way, you will have the assurance that your items get the reasonable retail prices they deserve.

Why Choose Us?

Most buyers of jewels are familiar with the prices offered by their competitors. That is why we offer better prices than others. But as what we always demonstrate, prices are brought about by each of your item’s characteristics which mean that we would have to pay you according to your jewel’s worth. This alone shows that a buyer is knowledgeable and trustworthy to not control the process but will involve you, the seller, every step of the assessment and agreement.  In this way, you will have the knowledge about the basis of the calculated prices being offered. 

This makes Edmonton Gold one of the leading national buyers and sellers of diamonds in the general market. We are successfully run by a philosophy that tells about buyers who value the real worth of an item makes the sellers trust them. And paying them with the highest price makes them come back for more.

Jewels somehow define your personality and make you who you are so you value them that much. But there are times that you have to hand them over to the right person whom you can entrust your jewels with. Instead of selling your diamonds to some pawn shop, find a profitable alternative in order to give your jewels the better and higher value they deserve. We at Edmonton Gold will offer you the highest payment for every of your valued item. Should you wish to sell your jewels or buy from us, you can always get in touch with us at (780) 758-7757.

Diamond Buyer Edmonton
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