A lot of people are surprised when they first come into our stores. It is a very pressure-free experience. Watch this video to hear Charlie and Greg talk about what to expect when welling your gold.

Stirling:  Now if i walk into one of the four stores and there’s one in Victoria, we should hasten to add Greg.  Am I going find like old accordions and guitars on the walls I have in my mind’s eye when I think of  buying and selling gold.  I see for some reason  I’m thinking pawnshop and I don’t know that that’s the right thing to go to in my mind’s eye, but that’s what I see. Tell me whether I’m right or wrong.

Greg: Yeah, I think a lot of people are really surprised when they come into one of our stores … they’re  gonna find the experience to be very, very pressure-free. It’s not a pawn shop, no accordions or guitars on the wall.

Stirling: Who knows, right? I have to ask.

Greg:  We’re not the guys from the uh… from the pawn kings, you know reality shows that you see. Our  stores are setup to facilitate.. it’s a financial transaction.  Our offices are professional, they’re located in very convenient  areas of town and our staff there are highly trained to specifically to test for precious metals for gold and silver.  Right, and when you come into our store,  I mean there’s really no expectation that that you  know exactly what is it that you are bringing in.  We have all the tests instruments onsite uh… it’s helpful if you know um… the different carats of your jewelry you know

Stirling: ..but most of us don’t

Greg: Well yeah most people don’t and it’s really not a big deal you can tell you that we can sort through it.

Stirling: So Greg, you’ve been involved well obviously you weren’t there at the beginning but you’ve been brought in now that the business is expanding and as the regional manager here in in the lower mainland and …  when people come into the to one of the stores … talk to us about the kind of experience an individual (has) Suppose now,  I’m someone who  I’ve just described I’ve been doing my (grumbles)  spring cleaning and by gosh, I’ve found a big of a nugget here so now all that work may just be worth something so I decide. Listen, I’ve heard this thing on the radio. I’m going to go to Vancouver Gold and see what happens.  What will happen when I show up at one of the four stores in metro Vancouver with my newfound largesse, I hope?

Greg:  Well the first thing is you wouldn’t have to book an appointment. You just you can gather up whatever it is that you’ve got. Whether you have a sneaking suspicion maybe it’s gold or you know for sure uh… bring it in and we’ll sit down with you and  go through the tests with you face to face. We’ll show you all the steps and there are a number of steps. With some items, it’s a little more straightforward than others but   basically there’s a few different tests that we would go through it right uh… customer in-store depending on what you’ve got.

Stirling: So Charlie is it just precious gold or are we are talking to other precious metals like silver and is some accommodation for diamonds and jewelry?  Or is it just gold because that’s what the company’s called: Vancouver Gold?

Charlie:  No, we also buy the main precious metals which are gold, silver, and platinum. We do deal in some Palladium, although we don’t see a lot of that.  For the precious stones, the only one we’ve been able to buy is the only one we’ve been able to find real market for and that’s diamonds.

Stirling: So it is popular

Charlie: Exactly, the ones with the real high value there.  So we do have a gemologist.  She’s a certified gemologist. She’s in our stores a couple days a week. She’s one that has to look at the diamonds as the grading process . Testing for that is basically pretty thorough and in depth to figure out the value of one of those stones, so we buy you know all the precious metals plus diamonds over a quarter karat in size.

Charlie:  Like Greg was saying, we recommend people know what to expect when they come into it us gold buying store, because we recommend that for anywhere they go.  If they come in to us, the intention is you know you don’t need to know what you have. We’re going to separate that by 10 karat by 14 karat by whatever the purity of gold is … but knowing that, you know people are going to be dealing with everyone, including us. Let’s say you’re listening on the radio as a potential customer you want to careful so we recommend everyone, if they know what they’re expecting that day they have some idea coming into any gold buyer. The amount of knowledge that the store has the professionals kind of out-balances,  out-weighs what the customer knows so I think there’s a lot of responsibility there.

Stirling: I think we should interject at this point because I have refrained from doing so up until this point but this is the appropriate spot. Charlie, yours is the only gold buying and selling company in British Columbia that enjoys the Better Business Bureau designation of approval.  What do you do differently that everybody else doesn’t – according to the Better Business Bureau.

Greg: Yeah. Well I mean our company acted just to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau mats and that’s in the lower mainland, by the way. They put any company through a fairly vigorous process to be accredited. In our case because they hadn’t accredited any other gold buyers before they were extra m vigilant with us so it was a matter of calling customers –  making sure that customers were happy .The Better Business Bureau actually spoke with  customers  that we’ve dealt with.

Stirling: They weren’t content to take your word for it.

All: (laughing)

Stirling: They went right to the customers and said: “Ok, for real, were you well served and everybody said:  Well, sure we were.”

Greg:  And they also look at the number of total customers that the company has served, versus the number of complaints that they have received. We’re fortunate in that we’ve actually received no complaints at all by the Better Business Bureau. This is after serving almost fifty thousand customers in Vancouver over the course of several years.  We haven’t had a single complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Stirling: Well, you know I could go on and on,  but you know when the folks at the Better Business Bureau do the homework for all of us and end up with the seal of approval on Vancouver Gold then chances are you do you know and it’s just a tremendous peace of mind figure  and it says right on your newspaper ads – sell your gold with peace of mind and I think dealing with the company that has the absolute approval of the Better Business Bureau is going to give any customer a great deal of peace of mind.

Stirling: Greg,  there’s something that you have as part of your gold purchasing planned at Vancouver Gold, when a customer comes in you have something called are 150% guarantee. What’s that mean?


Greg: Yeah, so we have a guarantee… it basically just shows that we do stand behind our prices … you know we  offer very very competitive payouts.. for anything whether it’s jewelry or coins… bullion.. teeth..anything. So what we do is;  should a customer come and get an estimate from us and decide: no, we’re gonna go somewhere else get another estimate from another company.  If they get an offer –  in writing – from another gold buyer locally within a certain period of time. I believe it’s 1 week.   We will actually, not only match that price, we’ll beat it by 50% of the difference.


Stirling:  Oh, Okay. So you are competitive and determined to stay that way. Nothing wrong with that.


Charlie:  We started as probably the only place locally that advertised prices.  We put up those prices,  not because they mean something to everyone who’s shopping but because that’s something we can stand behind and you can kind of compare and look at.  Our price guarantee, it goes a little bit beyond just prices though because we wanted to be also based on our testing. If you bring in the same piece to  two different people, one place might claim a higher price for 14 karat gold, but tests that piece at a different level depending on,  you know; what their testing methods are, how safe they want to be with  that. So, we have our testing based on, you know, now we give an estimate, someone else gives an estimate. We are so confident that our estimate going to be should be higher than that that we will match, we’ll beat those prices.

Stirling:  Well, interesting.  Well, again you’re talking about  buying or selling gold with peace of mind and that’s really important to a lot of people so again when you offer up that sort of a guarantee and then you got the protection or certainly the endorsement of the Better Business Bureau again these are all factors that contribute greatly to an individual’s peace of mind – no question about that. You talk about your prices. You post your prices, so anybody can go have a look. When you go to a situation where when you see a price range where we’ll will pay anywhere from 5 to 15 dollars a gram and you see that range and that’s as close to posting a price as that gold outfit is doing. What does that?  What should I read into that or what should II take from that range posting instead of we pay bang per gram.


Charlie:  Just be careful, basically. That’s why we suggest kind of knowing what you have going into it because maybe they maybe they are going to be a little higher for those higher karats but chances are you’re going to get low balled if you don’t know what you’re doing – if they give a range.

Stirling: So knowledge is power.

Charlie: Knowledge is power. Absolutely.

Greg:  The range is going to go with the purity of the gold too.  We provide a an exact pricefor each purity but that price is based on the amount of pure gold in the item.

Stirling: And does this come in the form of a written.. here, thank you for  submitting this, we’ve tested it, here’s what we found and here’s what we think your  stuff is worth based on the testing and our findings and here’s the bottom line. Is that all given to the client in a written form?

Charlie:  Absolutely yeah.  We provide them with a when they sell, they leave with a

breakdown of everything we’ve tested; the weight, the purity and another thing to mention with prices –  they do change every day with the current market value.