Right up until the 60s there was actual silver content in Canadian coins. Watch this video to learn more about which Canadian dimes, quarters and half dollars might have valuable metals in them.

Stirling: .. and Greg.. Charlie just mentions loonies and quarters…. you also buy.

Because we’re also talking about teeth and old jewelry and all the rest of it, but you actually do buy gold coins because back in the day we made Canadian money with real precious metal content, didn’t we?

Greg:  back in the day uh… anything that was a dime and up – so quarters, dimes uh… they had half dollars and silver dollars of course too. Right up to halfway through 1968, they had some silver content and it was the mid- sixties were there starting to phase-out silver.  So if you’ve got anything from sixty eight or before.. and we see lots of coins from the 50s and from the mid-60s, 67– that was the centennial year.

Stirling: I was just back in Ontario recently and my mom, who is a bit of a hoarder, has this incredible collection a fifty-cent pieces. Now, of course; they haven’t been made for decades, but she has this enormous collection of fifty cent pieces and I said to her: you know it’s probably worth a few bucks..ah but it’s  just sentimental value I mean they don’t make them anymore it’s kind of – I know it’s worth money but i think if I  just hang onto them because they’re not made any more, they’ll become even more and more valuable.  Is that the case Charlie?  Or should she had down to the Peterborough Ontario equivalent of Vancouver gold and find out what they’re worth? Because I said: Mum, I’ll bet you you’re sitting on a whole lot more money than you think you are. Is that the case?

Charlie: Probably. These coins are worth, you know – at the silver value which is kind of the.. if they have value for their rarity or numismatic value,  they could be worth more.

Stirling: That’s a whole other thing.

Charlie: We’ve got books to help look that up and stuff, but you know things from the fifties and sixties the last year’s there’s just so many of them in circulation but those are worth just melt value. To be honest, most years before that the people bring in are just melt value as well. The price of silver, it roughly tracks with the price of gold.  So it’s had the same the same kind of huge growth over the last ten years that gold has had and these coins. The fifty cent coin is worth depending on the year roughly eight dollars

Greg: Again, it depends how much silver is in it?

Stirling: Exactly, and probably the older, the more valuable the coin because there was more silver content.

Charlie: Yeah, exactly

Stirling: .. the further back you go

Charlie: They range from the sixty eight coins only are 50% silver, the twenties and before 92% silver.

Stirling: The real deal huh?

Charlie, Greg:  Yeah